Psychotherapy can also be called counseling, talk therapy or just therapy. It involves the individual, couple, or family talking openly and honestly to a trained individual who wants to help improve their situation and overall well-being. This person can be called a therapist, counselor, or practitioner. For this article we will call them therapists.

Therapists employ a variety of techniques to improve one’s mental health. At first your therapist will want to get to know you so be ready to share your story. Be aware that you may find yourself emotional at various times as you start to discover yourself. Goal setting is important. You and your therapist will discuss what you want to achieve with your therapy sessions.

Your therapists has studied various therapeutic techniques and will suggest some new skills and positive changes in thoughts and emotions. It may include some homework, like journaling. Changes in thoughts and behaviors we have possessed for most of our lives do not disappear overnight, therefore to replace the old way with new habits will take time.

For therapy to be effective you will need to schedule several sessions with your therapist and meet with them on a regular basis. Be patient with yourself. Fostering positivity in your life will improve your mood, your relationships, and you will sleep better at night.