Therapists study to learn various aspects of the human brain and human behavior and seek to make the life of others better. Therapists hold various titles, depending on the type of education they have received. A psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing and treating those with mental disorders. A psychologist is someone who studies the science of human or animal behavior. They learn about the mind and study various mental states and mental processes.

There are licensed mental health counselors who specifically seek to help people deal with behavioral disorders. They learn and specialize in various therapeutic techniques that can improve one’s relation to self and others. Social workers help to identify the needs of the individual or group, and seek to provide the support and resources needed to improve well-being.

Licensed professional counselors are individuals who seek to help people overcome various life issues, depending on their specialty. Examples include career counseling, couples counseling, and spiritual counseling. Therapists can also be nurses, specially trained in mental health disorders, which help their patients cope with life’s challenges. All these specialists can call themselves a therapist and are helpful in understanding and improving one’s mental health.