The Journey


Mental health is a journey of learning and growing. Every individual should take some time for themselves to reflect on their journey. Journaling is a great tool that can be used to get to know ourselves. It provides the opportunity to offload thoughts and feelings that are swarming our minds at the end of the […]

A Healthy Relationship

Beautiful happy young african couple relaxing

How do you define a healthy relationship? Have you seen one? Have you experienced one? Unfortunately many today experience and witness a lot of negative relationships and think that they are normal. A close relationship involves a sharing our truest self with another individual with whom we trust. We feel safe and have a sense […]

Psychotherapy 101

African Woman in Group Therapy Session

Psychotherapy can also be called counseling, talk therapy or just therapy. It involves the individual, couple, or family talking openly and honestly to a trained individual who wants to help improve their situation and overall well-being. This person can be called a therapist, counselor, or practitioner. For this article we will call them therapists. Therapists […]

Therapists 101

Psychotherapist comforting sad female patient during therapy session in office

Therapists study to learn various aspects of the human brain and human behavior and seek to make the life of others better. Therapists hold various titles, depending on the type of education they have received. A psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing and treating those with mental disorders. A psychologist is someone who studies the science of […]